Tiberi club

is proof that food is (also) a playing matter. We run private events, installations and adventures through the act of eating. Created in Barcelona in 2018 by Helena Fradera, Miquel Ruiz Planella, Roger Vila & Rocío Iglesias Tejedor.

Why Tiberi?

Tiberio is our favorite roman emperor. He was known for his food bacchanals (and orgies, but everyone has their things) and because of his sinful tastes in Catalan is very common to say “quin tiberi” (what a tiberi!) when a table is full of food & drinks. It’s perfect for us.

Why a club?

Actually we are the anti-club: everyone is invited to join us, we don’t have a specific place and we don’t have any rules… But it sounds fresh.


Around the pleasure of eating, cooking and everything in between we are able to create:

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