Art direction

Not including cupcakes on Mietis dinner because the brand is a cupcake itself

Playful and colorinspired stand up dinner for the Fashion Brand Mietis. Glitter, butter, truffles.A bread sculpture. An alive pavlova. Curry popcorn. Cheese, eggs, sweets. Life is simple. 


Finger-Gabriel for Sach-Food

Bag pattern made of chocolate, colorful cocktails and matching onigiris for the new studio opening of Gabriel for sach in Barcelona.

Art direction

Etnia at Museo Reina Sofía

Table set by Tiberi Club highlighted by the Influencers and personalities who came as “the most impressive table I’ve ever been eating on” 🙂


Pull & Bear Summer House

We spent some days in Ibiza feeding the entire cast and production team of the Pull & Bear Summer House as part of the trip’s content. Tiberi-bikini alert! Thank you Pelonio for trusting us.


Pica-pica catering for Cubro

Finally socializing again. A Poble Nou table set to celebrate the Formica and Cubro collaboration.

Art direction

The Pier Art direction for Zara

Picnic and table art direction for THE PIER editorial woman collection. Fresh water for a fresh taste.


The torrija resurrection

The only bread that Tiberi Club saw resurrected. For the moment. In the last Diumenge de Pasqua we lived a story of second chances. An àvia’s, abuela’s and iaia’s «savoire faire». A traditional dessert recipe glorified by Michelin chefs to «tascas de barrio» cuiners. A pain perdu that finally found its path. A simple bread, a miracle.


The table is set, but where's the table?

The table has lately been cancelled as a common and shared space. So tiberi club cancelled it too, keeping the space, keeping the sense of sharing. We set a table without the table 🙂
In collaboration with / In Comittee Estudio.


Dreams: Tiberi Club x Gimaguas

For the Mediterranean brand we created a flower tasting lunch outdoors in mid December, the advantages of living by the sea 😎


Tropical Xmas: Tiberi Club x Gimaguas

The meta-atyplical xmas dinner for the Gimaguas team: inspired by their inspirations.

Product – Event


To eat calçots (Catalonian large onions) you need: romesco sauce, friends & freedom. And a bib. So, we created a tablecloth that was a shared bib 🙂


Cerealia: Tiberi Club x Estrella Damm

The Catalonian beer let us create a lunch in their Antiga Fàbrica  around the Goddess Ceres where 80 people were fed by four female cooks that paired their recipes with the new Estrella beers


2019 meets 2020

A dinner to celebrate that the end of the world was coming with an XXL Eton Mess dessert for 20 people and hanging vineyards.


Ephemeral Dining Club: Tiberi Club x Galeria H20

It all started with this project: one year, one meal each season, four different concepts, 40 people every time. Those were lovely days.


The Princes are in town: Tiberi Club x Ecstasy Cookbook

We invited Jago and Lowena, from London, to join the club and share their recipes with us. We are still in love.


Bandera Tiberi en la Costa Brava

We wanted to share, and we were in vacation at a little beach cove, so we invited everyone to eat a banderilla for their aperitivo. Life can be very easy.

We proof that food is (also) a playing matter.


Barcelona, home of chefs

We organized a lot of small events in the attractive homes of lovely chefs. From local to local, making out city bigger.


Golden 'Merengada' Milk: Tiberi Club x Apartamento

We participated in the Apartamento Cookbook #5: herbs & spices with a recipe that is a mix of our childhood and our party days: yes, it’s possible.


Bacanal: Tiberi Club x Palo Alto

We teamed up with the famous market and we created a three-day ephemeral space where talks, dances and lunches happened around a bowl with punch.



Every xmas we prepare a km0 basket full of great products. You can get it starting in November or message us to make your own for your team or relatives.